"the artist has one function--to affirm and glorify life."
- w. edward brown

Monday, May 11, 2009


- Grad school is a go: including 2 10hour a week GA positions, one in ceramics, one in fibers. Meaning lots of time spent in the studio, lots of work, less tuition, a bigger stipend, and amazing providence providing for me!

- the Spring Guild sale is over and done, and I did well. Better than in November in fact. Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you! Here are some photos of me sanding, pricing, and packing my mugs.

Those big bins and box are what I used to transport back and forth
All 3 were full there and only 1 1/2 were full on the way back, which is pretty good all things considered!

- New work in the studio: large planters. Thrown from two pieces, a large 'bowl' on the bottom and a bottomless ring on the top. needless to say they're super fun to make (big things usually are) and even more fun to carve into. There is a 3rd one in the works, but I'm still working on it. the first and second one here you can see 'finished': they still need glazing and final firing. some of the in progress shots.

1st one bisque fired on it's shelf with all sorts of other pots (not mine however)

1st one on the table, gives you an idea of its rim...
I kinda like the larger flat rim for a planter and more shadow on the carved design
(took about 4 hours total carving)

2nd one about 1/3 done
design drawn on & started
added clay to the surface to bulge out, as well as carved away parts of the design

2nd one all done carved and added to
green, but ready to fire.
(carving/additions took about 5 hours)
I think they kinda look like pebbles... but not necessarily what I was going for.
I was thinking seeds/bacteria... who knows

3rd one, freshly thrown.
it's the largest and has a much longer neck to carve/draw upon
the design I've started looks kinda like grape hyacinth
the stems are carved out, and the 'flowers' are added on clay
I haven't added leaves yet, but I think they'll be a combo of added clay and carved

- work and teaching going well. but ready for a vacation and to see the whole family in a few weeks.

- that's about it for now, I'll try to update more often... and get more photos up soon... I have things I still need to photograph.