"the artist has one function--to affirm and glorify life."
- w. edward brown

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So things have been busy lately, with work, the studio, and everything piling up at once it seems.
I have been able to get some good quality time with my hands in the clay, but I always can be there more it seems! So many ideas to be working on.

Here are a few photos of my newest work out of the kiln... or you could head over to Zibbet.com (see the banner to the right) and see my work for sale there! I finally took the plunge and after a long debate decided to set up shop at Zibbet. We'll see if I get any sales out of it, but hey, it's good experience!

So enjoy the new work... :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


So tomorrow I have an interview with two store managers and our district manager to continue the process of getting promoted. Hopefully it will go well, and I'll get a permanent manager position soon... I'm kinda tired of the waiting.

But seeing as my mind is full of numbers and situation/behavior/outcome scenarios for questions tomorrow, I'm not too tired right now.
Well, rephrase, my mind isn't shutting down... lots of spinning numbers.

As for the studio, lots of stuff going on... I have lots of stuff to glaze and need to spend some time doing that. Maybe this weekend!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Long time...

Ok, so again, things and priorities get in the way of the best intentions.
I have lots of pictures of new stuff to share, and new projects in the works.

Of course it just takes time to get them up...

But, that being said, hopefully I'll get more pics up soon. I had some good results the last couple of firings, and I'm gearing up for out Spring Guild sale.

Also, doing other things like knitting and drawing more. Maybe I can post some of those too...

I received quite a bit of great handspun alpaca yarn from a friend for Christmas.

One of the Skeins...

Close up of the great slubby yarn!

I made a Single Cable Knit Scarf. The yarn was a challenge to work with, but in a really good way. The scarf is super soft and the perfect length!

Washing and blocking was fun... but it took forever to dry... holds water very well!

Perfect Length!

Close up of the Cable...

On to the next project!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It's snowing again. Just a few flakes, and not even sticking yet.
But after mowing the lawn yesterday so that hopefully our lawn will be better off next spring, I'm just glad it got done.
And seeing as it's all wintery outside, I figured it a perfect afternoon for folding laundry and watching movies.
That and I have a scratchy throat. I'm just pretending it's dry and that it's not a cold or anything more serious. And it's always a good excuse for tea drinking.

I do have some pictures somewhere of ceramics I've been working on, and seeing as the Fall sale is quickly approaching, I have been working hard, I just can't find the pics. They might be on my camera yet... hmm...

I shall have to find them.
As for now, it's folding time...

UPDATE: OK, now it's snowing buckets. still not sticking, but I expect it to soon...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Book recommendation

quick note.
Just finished reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" tonight.
Got it from my boss at the art center. Started it on Wednesday. Couldn't put it down.
Only reason I didn't finish it sooner was because of work. (thanks for getting in the way...)
So far, it may be the best of my reading year.
If you haven't yet, read it.
and then pass it along... so very good.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the day after... lol

ok, so here are some rough photos of the pieces that came out of the kiln today after cooling off all night and day...
just some pictures of the different surfaces we got... still need some cleanup and finishing, but I'm liking the flashing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September studio time!

Lots of fun things happening in the studio...
Here's a few.

Getting ready for Fall sale... tumblers with designs. Not sure how I feel about them, but we'll see when they get glazed. Each is a set of four with the same design...

circles/bubbles/cells not sure...
i'm thinking green stain on the outside to fill in the incised lines,
with choy green glase on the inside and rim... maybe 1/4 inch down the outside.

Bees and flowers...
each tumbler has a different kind of flower.
that's it.
just fish...
Altitude/terrain map.
I'm thinking red iron oxide on the outside
maybe black on the inside and rim...

As for tonight at guild, we had some fun doing a small low fire salt firing... here are some pictures of our set up and firing!!

stuff preped and ready to go
those bundles of newspapers are wrapped pieces that have salt and chemicals already burrito-ed together and I tried to isolate them for specific results... whatever those are!

all the pieces in the kiln, layered with paper, salt, and other stuff...

all covered up ready to fire!

just starting... you can see the flames all on the inside

our 'burritos' of salt, sawdust and other special things
that got thrown into the burning hot kiln
at various times during the firing...
yes those are tongs to assist in not burning ourselves.

the glowing arm of one of my guys in the kiln...
i promise that's what this is...
i promise.

really hot... ready to shut down!

So that's it... that was my fun tonight. Tomorrow, after this baby has cooled, I'll unload it and see what surprises are in store. It might be scary surprises, because after all, a lot about this firing technique is chance and randomness! But it sure is fun!!