"the artist has one function--to affirm and glorify life."
- w. edward brown

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ok, why not...

First of all you realize there are only 8 Favorites and 8 Currents, and only when you get to Firsts does it actually correspond with the number???

Or I am not getting something... because that's possible too...

Ten Favorites
Season: Fall
Color: blue-green, but a intense one, leaning to the blue...
Time: mid morning, 10:00am ish after a good night sleep
Food: Orange chicken and other americanized Chinese
Drink: Beals Oberon, a local (Kalamazoo) brewed summer wheat beer
Ice Cream: chocloate rum gelato from Florence
Place: sitting at the potters wheel
Sport: tennis

Nine Currents
Feeling: hot and sweaty
Drink: water
Time: 11:14pm
Show on TV: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Mobile Used: Verizon
Windows open: none, the bugs will get in... but upstairs, all
Clothes: pajama shorts (my best find this summer!!), tee shirt
Thought: I wish my sister would call me back!

Eight Firsts
Nickname: Bobby
Kiss: Dawn Van Gorp... maybe
Crush: ? don't know
Best Friend: JM DeYoung
Vehicle I owned: what vehicle?
Job: real job... School Stuff
Date: Megan Landsteiner... to homecoming
Pet: I think Corny my chicken... and then Sunny...

Seven Lasts
Drink: Coke
Kiss: peck on the cheek from Lizzy on Sunday because she is going away to law school and I won't see here for months!
Meal: Ramen
Web Site Visited: a fish website... about platties
Movie Watched: Lady in the Water, the new Shamalayan- I really liked it!
Phone Call: Chris Snyder, asking if I wanted to go to his parents for Sunday dinner
TV Watched: Star Trek: the Next Generation, three episodes this evening before, during and after dinner...

Six Have You Evers
Broken the Law: Yes -- speeding
Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No
Been in the Middle of/Close to Gunfire: No
Skinny Dipped: No
Broken Someone's Heart: ha... no

Five Things:
You Hear Right Now: fan, fish tank filter and bubbler, my roommate walking around upstairs
On Your Bed: sheets, quilt, 3 pillows
Things You Ate Today: sandwich for lunch, ramen for dinner, and a really good chocolate/coffee shake my roommate made me! Thanks Justy!
Things You Do When Bored: watch movies, watch tv, read, clean our house, sketch
Things You Do For Comfort: make myself tea, read a book I love again, nap

Four Places You Have Been Today: my house, the Art Department, the Spoelhof Cafe, the sidewalk between here and Calvin

Three Things on Your Desk Right Now: my charging phone, a legal pad, a cup with water

Two Choices:
Coffee or Tea: depends on the day, no joke, and that's not just coping out!
Spring or summer: summer

One Place You Want to Visit: Japan

Friday, July 21, 2006

This evening...

The wedding in the field is today.
It is grey and cloudy, I just hope it doesn't rain.
Or my allergies act up with all the nature around the ceremony.
Or the bugs bite.
Or it be super hot.
Yeah, it's a wedding in a field.

Should be fun!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Holy Giant Storms Batman!!

So went into the movie theater at 8:30 pm to see Pirates of the Carriabean (which was great by the way, and I can't wait for the third one) and about halfway through, noticed a constant rumbling in the background of my hearing.

Exited the movie theater at 11:20pm to a deluge and lightning storm I have not seen the equal to since living in Fort Myers. Constant lightning. Amazing... and kinda freaky.

At least we needed the rain... I just hope my power dosen't go out and I miss my alarm tomorrow morning!

Oh, and by the way, that line of bright pink was just on top of GR... yeah we got it all!