"the artist has one function--to affirm and glorify life."
- w. edward brown

Friday, June 30, 2006

Political commentary & a little religious talk too

Just thought I'd talk a little, since I'm at work and bored, about some of the things happening in Washington DC this past week:
- oh, and forgive me those of you who disagree...

- Flag Burning:
The Senate defeated a Constitutional Amendment (sponsored by Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham, before he was jailed for taking $2.4 million dollars in bribes) by a slim vote... only one shy of outlawing the desecration of the flag.

Two things about this:

If the government wants to ban desecrating the flag, what about those people who wear tee-shirts and jackets and pants, indeed whole outfits made to look like the stars and stripes. Maybe its me, but isn't that just as disrespectful to what proponents of this amendment see as 'the symbol' of American freedom? If you want to protect the supposed sanctity of the flag, don't let people abuse it in other ways either... burning is not the only form of desecration.

I may hate what you say, how you say it, what you burn in protest, ect. but I will defend to the death your right to say it. It is only cloth, after all. I know people have died defending it, and I respect that, but until Americans have more respect for it in every day (ie, no more American flag outfits). I can't deny someone who understands the symbolism of the flag and uses that to protest. He who burns the flag understands its power and symbolism better than he who wears it as pants.

- Trials at Gitmo
In other news, the Supreme Court ruled that President Bush is not free from all law, but does in deed have to answer to some one. Namely the US Congress. (oh wait, that's what checks and balances means; no one is allowed to become supreme ruler of the US, they have to obey the law just like anyone else!) Mr. Bush is not a military dictator, and he cannot make up rules for prisoners of war, or rather "enemy combatants" who he is detaining at Gitmo without trial, without counsel, and without rights. They may be enemies, but they are still human beings. The Geneva conventions apply, Mr. Bush. And I don't care what you say, torture is NEVER a course of action the United States should take.

- My own thoughts on stuff...

I look at some of these things that are happening and I just sit in wonder at the abandonment of looking at other people as image bearers of God. I don't care what they have done or not done against the US; never should we lose sight of the fact that these people too, are created in the image of God. For all their use of the Bible and religious hot button issues, this Administration seems to forget about that fact often, only bringing these issues up when it suits them. I know I'm mixing religion and politics, but for me they go hand in hand. Equality as creatures in the image of God is Biblical, but seems to have been forgotten by so many people.

I know, preachy, right? But all the same, what this country, and the world in general needs is a huge dose of grace. I can't recall reading Jesus preaching about torturing your enemies and barricading yourself behind missiles and guns. I think there was more emphasis on forgiveness and understanding others in light of our being bearers of the image of God. I know, national security is important, especially against those who disregard the value of life. But in no way does that mean we are to do the same!

Ok, so that's my 2 cents... well, maybe 5 cents...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

That time of year...

Most of my friends who had dispersed after graduation are coming back in town this week, as on Saturday, the first of the weddings will take place. Kinda weird feeling, knowing your good friends are getting married, but it's good too. It should be a fun weekend with the wedding and hanging out with them all again.

Aside from that, life in the art basement goes on, as the summer flies by.

Allergies suck, but hey that's why they make Claritin, and its cheaper Target knockoff, for which I am grateful...

so much happening so fast...

Friday, June 02, 2006


I am now officially in my new house and I love it!

There is something aout having a room of your own that makes a huge difference from sharing one. Its not that I didn't like living with the guys these past two years, but having a place to arrange my way, and slum and get dirty if I want and do just about what ever with, is kinda nice. I feel much older and more in real life with my own room... if you can believe that!

Moving was stressful and painful... elbows should avoid doors in the future. and concrete is not a good mattress... but that was only for one night... and I did have blankets, but by the end of the night they felt like they were paper thin...

Anyway, so my bed is now in my room, my clothes are in my dresser, and my books are getting up on my shelves... yes, things are coming together.

The summer job is continuing... the show in the gallery is up and ready to open Monday, the studios are getting cleaner, and things are progressing as usual.

This coming week should be fun as a candidate for the position of painting professor is coming. That should bring some excitement and will be fun to meet him.

Aside from that, life progresses, and I plan on making some more headway on boxes the next few days off...

oh, as a side note, I would like to take this time to brag: for the second semester of my tenure at Calvin, I have 4 pointed... that's right, straight A's for Bob... I keep my scholarships for another semester!