"the artist has one function--to affirm and glorify life."
- w. edward brown

Saturday, July 14, 2007


So far work has been really good. I enjoy the people I work with (those I've met so far) and my managers are quite good to work for. No one takes themselves too seriously, and everyone tries to make things fun.

I work with a wide variety of people, from 15 year olds on their first job to some older gentlemen and women who just do this part time. And a whole range of people in between. Oddly enough, I am actually on the older edge of the age spectrum, at least in numbers of people who are younger than me... lots of college kids and high schoolers. But it's lots of fun.

So, I'm learning the store fairly well now, and while I occasionally have things I can't do on the floor, I am not able to direct people where they want to go, look up on the computer if we have merchandise, and price what things are. I also can markdown clearance items, stock shelves and racks correctly and I know the color order that the clothing is supposed to go in.

So lot of fun so far, and it has yet to be boring... which is a great sign, since I've only been working 2 weeks!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Some Nature

Here are some recent photos I took while on walks with the puppy. Hope you like them as much as I do!

All in all, a nice collection of wildflowers. And despite its painful appearance, the thistle bud is beautiful!

On a side note, I found out I will be receiving a job offer from The Shirt Folding Store this afternoon. Most likely, I'll be part time now, and then more full time in the fall when the college and high schoolers return to their studies. Should be fun!! I'll update as I know more.